What determines the value of work?

The cost of the work always depends on its complexity and deadlines, as well as the presence in it of practical and analytical part. The faster you want to receive the finished work, the more expensive it will cost.

Who writes the papers here?

Our authors. University professors (MA and PhD experts), and practitioners of various areas.

How do I know that my order has been received?

If you have submitted a request to the site, we will consider your application within 12 hours and will contact you via contact details left by you.

What about prepayment?

Advance payment for the order is a guarantee that you really need the work, and you don’t give up on it already in the process of its implementation. We have to be honest, not only with respect to our customers but also in relation to our performers. If you refuse to pay for already done work, we will have to pay for it from our pocket. Having paid previously part of the work, you confirm to us the seriousness of your intention.

How will I know that my work is ready?

In your email address will see a notification that the job is ready, together with the part of your order for you to make sure it is ready and quality.

Is my personal data in safe here?

Customer information is stored in a closed database, to which has access only limited numbers of employees of the firm. Usually the order is transmitted to the author, who does not work at the university, where studying customer.

What do you need to better perform my work?

It is advisable to give us the guidance of your university, materials or other recommendations that you receive when attending lectures or seminars.
To eliminate errors we ask you to report in detail all the requirements of the teacher. We want to draw attention to the requirements for the work. So try to take seriously the submission of the order to avoid a situation where the order is executed, and you find that it does not meet the requirements of the teacher. For giving inaccurate or incorrect data, the requirements of the work, we do not bear responsibility – be careful!

I paid for the course (graduation) project, and the teacher found the errors and sent to redo.
This is tutors job to find mistakes. In some case this unpleasant situation will happen to you, we will urgently revise and edit your work for free, until it will become perfect and satisfy your tutor.

Is there a guarantee that I will be able to defend the work?

For a successful defence of your work, as a minimum, you will need to read it. Our long experience of the performance of works in the order ensures compliance with the requirements imposed by the customers and their supervisor.